minute 41

This minute reminds me so badly of all the evil mankind has brought to this planet.

Abuse, sexual harassment… fine, that only affects humans, but it also affects humans who are not guilty of destroying the planet or overexploitation. They do not even have to be guilty of anything…

Coal mining: Well, it does not harm anyone in the first place, but I wonder how Earth will deal with these giant holes in the ground over a long period of time. Besides, there is still the high amount of carbon emission and last, but definitely not least, the miners themselves who suffer the most. Especially 30-40 years ago coal mining was a physically exhausting job; many men suffer severe health damage back from their days below ground. As soon as you know about the precautions that were taken you can imagine the risks of coal mining. Budgies were taken below ground. As soon as they would drop dead you know you’re in danger and about to suffer oxygen deficiency. Fortunately, the mineworkers then were still able to leave the mine. Besides budgies, horses were taken below ground to draw the coal wagons. After a while below ground they would go blind due to the light conditions. Conclusively, we are just not supposed to be down there. Not everyone survives and the results of that can be seen in this minute. Coal miners carry their dead or at least unconscious co-workers to daylight.
Actually, I think they are dead. The next scene shows someone closing a coffin, a sarcophagus.
In the lessons we had so far we were talking about birth, about the beginning of life, we mentioned turning elements as a metaphor of reoccurring and never ending - life?! We also know the film is called “Decasia”; so everything will come to an end. How?! Well, it seems that mankind is very well capable of destroying themselves and the planet on their own. I wonder what will happen first.

Ann-Kristin Angermüller