minute 54

A lot of black and a few plains. War, crime, injustice. Or maybe people who have fun flying around. One cannot tell, because ordinary people who look from the ground up to the planes never know what is going to happen, or what the intentions of the pilots are. Because everybody is smaller from that perspective, most of the time, the majority does not see if people are on the ground or not, because the interest is another – to look at something else, such as country sides, mountains, pretty rivers, seas. People are not aware anymore of the existence of others which are on the ground - the irrelevance of the individual is nowhere bigger.

If I would listen to Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre, everything seems ok - drugs such as music, food, sex and family take us away from the reality.

We think we are free, but this freedom can disappear in one second if the war comes. Our lives are not in our hands, just our actions. Nothing we do can influence a volcano for example.

We go as insignificant as we come. As an individual, one cannot leave an impact. Maybe 0,000001% can, persons such as inventors who had ideas that changed the humanity. Nothing else. We cannot change everything. We can change the fact that we exist – 2 atomic bombs and we are through. The earth has its ways and power to destroy everything. However, we do not need our planet to do so, because we can do it ourselves. We build machines in order to kill other people, and the one who is looking from the earth up to the planes, has no impact in history. What does this mean? We do not have an impact; we do not have another choice than to be egocentric and make ourselves happy and through other “individuals” into the world, which destroy others. I think it is pathetic what the humanity does.

Egocentrism is the character trait we have to work on.

Laura Chiriac