minute 52 -01

My head is spinning.
What is that noise?
And why am I all wet?

I can see light flashing

blinking, illuminating the insides
of delicate skin
my eyes still closed,
unaware of the outside world.

I try to pry them open

try to take away the fatigue and welcome the day
but an alien heaviness is pushing them down
keeping them shut, straining
to shut out reality.

I wish I could shut my ears too

this booming bombing sound is unbearable.
Slowly, I can feel my body coming to life
my limbs are waking from their stupor
and I realize, I am lying on the ground
pressed flatly into the floor

I can see shapes moving

light flashing, my eyes adjusting 
to reality
I see the sky and yet
I cannot see the sun
for it is covered with metal 
and surrounded by blazes of fire

the noise is coming down on me

the soundtrack of hell
pushing from the sky
pulling me 
into eternity

Carolin Schmitt