minute 52 -02 [negative collage]

Her mind is standing still.
Everything is silent
and she is home and dry

She cannot see the darkness
screening, shading the outsides
of solid walls
her eyes wide open
painfully aware of the inward space.

She fails to keep them shut
fails to take away the motivation and send home the night
a natural lightness is lifting her up
keeping her awake, appreciating
letting in reality

She does not want to shut her ears either.
This soft whisper is too beautiful.
Rapidly, her body becomes something else entirely
her hands and knees become heavy
and she imagines standing upside down
barely holding on to the ground.

She cannot see any movement
darkness all around, eyes indifferent
to this dreamshe sees the ground and yet
she cannot see the floor
for it is uncovered in cloth
and opening up in smoke.

The sound is coming out of the pavement
the soundtrack of heaven
sipping through the ground
pushing her
into the present.

Carolin Schmitt