minute 32

18th century. She is an adventurous and curious young lady. He the son of the towns senator cannot marry her because her family is not wealthy enough to provide a good dowry. He has to marry a noblewoman instead. However, if she wishes to become his companion and keep everything in secret they could still be together. No, she is too proud for that! Feeling sad and depressed, the young man grabs her and tries to kiss her. Totally confused, she slaps him and runs away.

Five years later. Her heart is still broken. After a few weeks spent in loneliness and total isolation she decides to go to a convent and become a nun. And there she is today. Her strong will to help the others and trust in God brought her to this orphanage. All these boys don’t have anyone, they are exactly like her. She cares for the orphaned and abandoned children and tries to make as many as possible feel comfortable and safe there.

Walking around in the yard of the monastery she thinks what her life would have been like if she had said “YES” on that fatal day, five years ago. She would have lowered her moral but now she had lost her love, and with it her life forever. She often asks herself if that was the right choice. The children here do not seem very happy either. The priests are not so friendly, and the other nuns are not really communicative. The only friend that she has here is Bodo, the old St. Bernard dog. He is always nice and friendly, especially with the children. When Bodo was younger he was one of the best dogs in the mountain rescue team.

She takes a deep breath and walks to the other side of the room. The priest is doing his usual job at this time of the week. The “newcomers” in the orphanage have to receive the holy sacrament. They each receive a consecrated Host on their tongue. Sister Maria walks by; she has to make sure everything is under control… ... and he is somewhere out there, with his children and his wife... but even now still thinking about HER!

Bogdana Andonova