minute 29

Dear John,

It has been such a long time since I last heard from you. I hope you didn’t stop sending me letters. I hope they only went astray or that you lost your pen and paper. I hope nothing happened to you.
Your son has become so big and wise. Because of him I don’t forget your face as he resembles you more and more every day. He also tells me to stay calm because he is convinced that you will return really soon. He is sad he can’t remember his father, but he was so small when you had to leave. So I tell him about you each and every night when I put him to bed. He won’t sleep without having heard a story about you. Soon there will be nothing more to tell. 
My mother tries to help us as good as she can but she can’t replace you of course, and she can’t prevent me from hearing the stories they tell in the village. They say hundreds have died. They say you are all being slaughtered, and that we should look for new husbands somewhere else. How could I. 
Do you remember when we had to say farewell? You already sat on your horse and I handed you the small flower I found before. I wanted it to remind you of me, but it probably withered that very day. When I think about that moment, sometimes I hear the horns that called for you to go to war. It’s such an appalling sound that often keeps me from sleeping and then I have to try and recall the smile you had on your face when you last looked at me. 
I will give this letter to the young boy from our neighborhood who always helped you to care for the horses. It was his birthday recently and now he has to move up to you, he is a soldier too now. May god bless him.

Little John and I will be waiting for you. Please don’t make us wait forever.

With all my love,