minute 08


Bright shapes appear more and more out of a dark background. These initial blurred mosaics or pictures try to come out on top. They want to get visible. What does it mean? What is this film trying to insinuate us? The music which accompanies the film is not necessarily a haunting melody. The sound of this music does reflect the origins of our nature in the water, the water which represents the source of our life. The rhythm of life under water seems to develop very slowly.
This film material shows us after twenty seconds a kind of passage from the world of mosaics into the world of the cell bodies.
In which century is this happening? And what is the occasion of these mosaics? It appears to be deep in the ocean where life begun and established in all fields and areas. The swashing water can be recognized on the surface of the water. Life is developing under the swashing water. Now the film is taking more shapes. What kind of place is this exactly? Is this film really taken in the ground of the ocean or is this simply a place where films are wound and rewound? Does something like this even still exist today?
 Is it some kind of natural or even spiritual power of the nature from where life comes into being? Is it a scientific documentary film that captured a piece of history? Is it a history which shows us how life began under water and comes out of it and scattered on the ground?
Maybe this film wants to show us an old history which seems to be forgotten by humans. Maybe it is a story which should be remembered all the time because it is so fundamental for the existence of humans and also because they tend to forget those little things that embossed us.  What is the deeper meaning of this film construction?
I wonder if this film could also be described as a circle of life that never ends. Is it a kind of life reproduction?
It reminds me of the Old Testament where God ordered to all his creatures to populate and multiply themselves in the entire world.
The most valuable and unique thing that we humans do possess is our life that God once breathed into us. This aspect of life can be combined with this film, which role it is to keep the history of origins always in our mind.

G. Adouvi