minute 59

Hello. It‘s me. Laurie. I am a six year old girl from Dallas, Texas. I am an orphan child. Mommy and Daddy died in a car accident 2 years ago. Actually 2 years, 3 months and 9 days from now. It was a warm midsummer night, when a wrong-way driver crashed into Daddy‘s car. I sat behind Mommy on my children‘s seat and was the only one of us three who survived the accident. The horrible sound of the car crashing into ours is still in my ear. Boom! All the sudden there was a horrifying silence and I could only hear this screaming sound Mommy made for like two seconds till there was the horrible silence again. I started to cry and when I noticed all the blood dropping from Mommy‘s and Daddy‘s heads. I started crying louder and louder. “Mom.... Dad! Wake up! WAKE UP!“, but they didn‘t respond. Daddy‘s eyes were open, facing in one direction with his head laying on the steering wheel, but he didn‘t move at all. “Daddy?? Wake up, Daddy, please! Wake up!“ My seatbelts were fastened and due to the crash I couldn‘t unfasten it because I was stuck between the back and front seats of the car. I remember getting weaker with every minute... All this crying and screaming for help was of no use. There was nobody who could hear me and I didn‘t even know if the wrong-way driver would still be alive. I stroked Mommy‘s head one last time before my weakness forced me to close my eyes and the last words I knew I said were: “I love you, Daddy and Mommy!“ Then I closed my eyes.

When I woke up I just remembered having this dream of a beautiful sunset in the desert. It was an awesome sunset and before the sun went down and the sky turned black I opened my eyes and found myself on a sickbed in a pale white room with two nuns standing by the bedside. One of them was holding my hand and the other one told me that I‘ll be okay in a couple of days. I didn‘t remember the car accident in this moment. I just asked for Mom and Dad. But the nuns pretended not to hear me asking for my parents.

Since that terrible car accident I have to live in an orphanage. I am all my by myself now. Feeling empty, and lost. The nuns try to take good care of me and try to introduce me to a lot of other orophan girls and boys of my age. But I don‘t want to get to know anybody. My life dropped to the floor since I cannot see my parents anymore. They could not attend the school enrollment last week, they will never get to know me as an adult, and never get to see my own children and their grandchildren. But I have to be strong. I have to stay strong for mom and dad. I will try to prove to them that they can be proud of their little girl.

“To me you are my guardian angels in every upcoming situation in life, I love both of you with all my heart, mom and dad! We‘ll see each other in heaven.“

- Laurie.

Annabel Pohlmann