minute 24

How can the wonderful process of giving birth to a child be embedded in such sad and dreary setting?
Creating a whole new life is just so amazing!
But is it because of living in today's world one has to ask if it is irresponsible to give birth to a child.
Will my child have a good future or will it live in a world full of decay?
Does it even make sense to give birth to a child if the end of the world is soon to come?
Will she or he be successful? Maybe a model? Or a doctor?
Will the child be more like me or more like his or her father?
Do you have to ask yourself if you are ready to have a child?
What if it is a boy? I really want a girl!
What if I am not a good mother?
Do I really want to give up my job?
What if the child has to grow up without a father?
What is if I don't have enough money?
How should I raise my child?
Is it because one is afraid of the process of birth?
Will it hurt?
How long is it going to take?
Will my baby be healthy?
Aren't there too many risks?

These questions fit better into this scenery than the actual process of having a child and becoming a parent!
You can only experience the answers by doing!
It is not so much about questioning!
Just think about all of your wonderful childhood memories!
Think of how your parents raised you!
Think of the world you are living in right now- is it that bad?

But do you really think that your parents didn't have all of the questions and fears and negative thoughts?

Holding the new born in your arms let all your thoughts and fears dissolve.
The picture enlightens.

Tabea Teichert