minute 19

Wow, here it is again. The spinning movement which we have seen in almost every other minute. And I still don‘t get it. Why is everything and almost everybody moving in circles in this movie? A man is sitting on the floor, watching the wheel spinning around, around, around... and around. I would get pretty bored if I was him, I guess. Well, he doesn‘t look really excited either. What is he holding in his right hand? I‘m not really sure but it looks like a knife. To be honest, the background music annoys me.
Hmm, looking at the guy, spinning this wheel, it kind of reminds me of the fairy tale „Sleeping Beauty“ by the Grimm Brothers. Now, of course its not really the same but maybe in this kind of movie the guy will not prick his finger on the spindle but on the knife he is holding in his hand? No way. These thoughts are crazy. I need to focus much more on the movie itself and its actions and find the thematic logic of this movie. Well of course, I know it‘s a textile factory, thats what we‘ve found out so far... and there is this guy who is pitching a tale. Well, maybe this is an Indian guy working on a carpet? This just reminds me of my brother who came up to me a couple of days ago and wanted me to sew a button on his shirt... the guy in this movie could probably do it without any help. So, what‘s going to happen next? The guy is still turning this wheel around... and why is he dressed like that? He seems to be so into spinning this machine- he‘s not even looking up... just staring at this wheel. Maybe the wheel is hypnotizing him? And now the sound is irritating me again. In my opinion, this music doesn‘t fit to the movie and its actions at all. It sounds like an old train is about to reach the trainstation and the breaks are pulled as much as possible in order to stop the train as soon as it has reached the right position. Now, I can hardly see two other people working like machines. There is no kind of conversation or other signs of talking. They are just concentrating on their work... and there is a spinning wheel again. Yes! Haven‘t seen one of those in so long - HA-HA. But now I totally get it and my thoughts were not so far away from reality. It is a carpet factory. The men and women working there are working on carpets. Now all of this spinning stuff makes sense to me. Carpet weaving can be so exciting...

Anabel Pohlmann