minute 12

Close your eyes, please! Just close them and listen to the music!

The reason why I made you first listen to the music and then watch the movie was because when I first watched I could not see anything. I was totally hypnotized by the music, I was actually panicked. It sounded so scary to me that it made my flesh feel creepy. I could not even move for a second or two. It was like I was paralyzed, and if I would have moved something terrible would have happened. It reminded me of a siren, of an alert sound that is normally used when danger is coming during a war.
When I recovered I realized I have to watch the excerpt without sound if I want to concentrate on the pictures. That is exactly what I did. The first thing I could identify was the bow of a ship. After staring at it for a longer period of time, I figured out it looks more like a submarine, and not just a simple one but a military submarine. These two ropes were bothering me though; they looked strange, somehow different. A short search on the internet showed that it must be a German U- Boat (U-Boot abbreviated from the German word “Unterseeboot”) because of the two ropes on the sides. They were especially used in World War I and World War II. So the movie must be about a war, I said to myself.
Then, total destruction followed, black, and white, black, white… Strange figures like finger prints on a movie tape showed up and faded away. It looked like somebody had damaged parts of the tape. Then I saw the people standing in front of something like a temple. Or at least the rest of it, the ruins of a temple. It reminded me of the Roman Empire or even more of ancient Greece. I could see the big massive columns and the backs of people standing in front of them. It seemed to me they were even wearing ancient Greek costumes.
I became more curious. In order to find out more about the building itself, I started another online search. What I found this time, made me think the columns were in Roman Doric Style. In fact, they reminded me of an old temple in Athens. Hey, it might be the famous Parthenon! I have read somewhere that during World War II the Germans occupied Athens.
Hmm, so what do we have here? World War II, German U-Boat, occupation of Athens... It started to make sense. It just got so exciting and these finger prints started over again! Black and white, black and white …
The mysterious temple showed up again though. This time from another corner, somehow nearer and there was only one person in front of it. Maybe a tourist on sightseeing tour, years after the end of the war, or maybe an archaeologist, or a historian… or maybe none of them at all…
Thank you for your attention!

Bogdana Andonova