minute 04

'The cloud that fades away'

While watching the film minute I developed two perspectives. The first one was my first and spontaneous impression, the second one a 'second' impression that connects with certain information regarding what we've learned so far in this seminar.
For one or two seconds it seems like someone was playing a record, then suddenly something explodes and a big cloud rises that continues developing. Besides there is a calm and dark melody played which sounds rather scary to me. To me it is the sound of a 'process'. This melody of process reminds me of a documentary, a documentary about a war. I imagine the cloud to be the cloud of an explosion during a war, maybe from a bomb. The melody in the background stays the same as the cloud develops for the rest of the film minute. My association with something being processed does not go out of my head. Suddenly it seems to be a cloud of a chemical reaction. Maybe someone prepares something... to me it must be something bad, because of the pessimistic melody. My different associations get mixed up and what I feel is the destruction of the world. Land, life or something is dying, but still, in the end there remains something. It could be the meaning that there remains always something, there cannot be nothing, even if destruction happens.
Regarding what we have learned about films in this seminar I come to another conclusion, but one that is similar to my first impression. The hand in the beginning is not playing a record, but placing some film strips into a chemical solution. Still, after that, there is an explosion or something that reacts. The film must be breaking in this second and the consequence is something that looks like a cloud of a bomb or a thunderstorm and it keeps changing its shape until the minute is over. Maybe every film is a kind of surprise. Who knows what might happen to the material of the film or what is projected on the screen. That question can not be answered for sure. The cloud that fades away and changes its shape can stand for the possibilities of development a film can have and that a human being cannot forecast everything.

Lorena Benter